Is Pregnancy Brain Real?

Pregnancy brain, or forgetfulness during pregnancy, is something that many expectant mothers must contend with throughout each trimester. Also known as “momnesia” or “pregnancy fog,” this pregnancy-induced forgetfulness may cause you to forget appointments, forget why you went to the store, or misplace your phone in weird places.

Some women have even cited forgetting their own phone number or partner’s birthday. Research even suggests that women pregnant with girls tend to be more forgetful than those carrying boys. Is pregnancy brain a real medically proven condition? If so, what causes the pregnancy brain in the first place?

Pregnancy brain is very real and is a result of those pesky hormones having a bit of fun at your expense. A lack of good sleep can also play a role, as can fatigue, and the simple stress of preparing for a baby. Additionally, your life is changing in a myriad of ways, which in turn affects your ability to focus or delegate memory space accordingly.

Research also suggests that the brain truly does function differently during pregnancy. There is a rapid increase in activity on the side associated with emotional skills, which ensures that you’re neurologically in tune with your baby’s facial emotions from birth.

Pregnancy brain, or forgetfulness during pregnancy, is something that many expectant mothers must contend with throughout each trimester.

Studies also show that your brain-cell volume can actually decrease during the third trimester of pregnancy. This might just explain why you have to reread the same book page or text message over and over before you retain the information. Fear not, your brain will go back to its pre-pregnancy state just a few months after delivery.

If you do find yourself having trouble concentrating or suffering from a bit of brain fog, there are a few steps you can take to cope with the changes. Ways to combat pregnancy brain include:

-Deep breathing: Pregnancy can be stressful, try not to be too hard on yourself for a few lapses in memory. Instead, stop and take a few deep breaths. This can help you to re-center and focus.

-Make lists: If there is something you need to remember- groceries to pick up, appointments to make, taking a vitamin- leave a note somewhere prominent. You can also add a calendar reminder to your phone or set an alarm when something needs to be done.

-Ask for help: Hey, you’re growing a human, it’s okay to ask for help from friends or family! Try to cut down on what you need to do by delegating some tasks to others. When possible ask those around you for helpful cues or simply pick up the slack.

-Laugh it out: Stick your car keys in the fridge again? Instead of beating yourself up, have a good laugh. Forgetfulness is a part of the journey. Laugh it off and remember that you’re doing just fine.

-Eat Choline rich foods: The mineral Choline is a building block for memory. Eating plenty of choline-rich foods can boost your brain function and your baby’s. That’s a pretty good deal!

Remember, pregnancy brain is real, you’re not going crazy or losing your cool. In fact, you’re just like every other expectant mom out there trying to do the best she can through the fog of pregnancy!

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