Frequently Asked Questions About The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Can a sore throat be an early pregnancy symptom?

In many women, cold-like symptoms or a sore throat can be a symptom of early pregnancy. An increase in hormones such as estrogen and progesterone can cause swelling from inside of your nose, as well as an increase in the amount and thickness of mucus. This can lead to a blocked nose, cold symptoms, or even a sore throat. Just remember, cold and flu symptoms can be more serious in early pregnancy, so talk to a professional if symptoms persist longer than a day or two.

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Is your period late?

Fascinating Facts About Pregnancy

Remember when the Grinch’s heart grew several sizes bigger in the classic Christmas tale? Your heart does the same thing during pregnancy. Due to increased blood volume, your heart actually grows when you are pregnant. It works even harder and pumps more blood for your growing baby!

Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Fatigue or increased tiredness

Nearly all women report fatigue or an increase in tiredness during early pregnancy. During those first few weeks, your body is working 24/7 to support the pregnancy. Fatigue is a normal response to all of that extra work.

The extra progesterone produced can actually cause your basal body temperature to rise, which in turn contributes to a total lack of energy. In early pregnancy, your heart will also pump faster to deliver extra oxygen into the uterus; this can make you feel even more tired.

Top 10 Organic Prenatal Vitamins and Supplements

Discovering Algae-Derived DHA: A Green Boost for Prenatal Brain Development

The development of the baby’s brain and eyes hinges on a vital omega-3 fatty acid known as DHA. While fish oil is a well-known source, the quest for a more sustainable and pure option has led to the rise of algae-derived DHA. This plant-based powerhouse offers not only vital nutrients for fetal development but also embodies eco-friendliness and purity.

A Sustainable Source: Unlike fish-derived DHA, which may pose concerns about overfishing and ocean ecosystem disruption, algae-based DHA is derived from microalgae grown in controlled environments. This sustainable method ensures a consistent supply without harming marine ecosystems.

Bypassing the Middle Fish: Interestingly, fish accumulate DHA by consuming microalgae. By sourcing DHA directly from algae, we’re essentially getting it from the primary source, eliminating concerns of marine pollutants that fish may contain, such as mercury.

Purity and Potency: Algae-derived DHA supplements undergo rigorous purification processes. This ensures a high concentration of DHA, free from potential ocean-borne contaminants. Pregnant women can thus be assured of a clean, potent source of this essential nutrient.

Heart and Brain Benefits: DHA is not only pivotal for the baby’s neural and visual development but also for the mother’s health. Adequate DHA intake supports maternal cardiovascular and cognitive functions, ensuring that mothers are at their best, mentally and physically, during pregnancy.

Plant-Power for All: Algae-based DHA is a boon for vegetarians and vegans, providing a plant-based alternative that aligns with their dietary choices. This broadens the spectrum of women who can benefit from this crucial nutrient during their pregnancy journey.

To sum up, as the world leans into sustainable and pure solutions, algae-derived DHA stands out as a golden standard in prenatal supplements. It offers the dual benefits of promoting fetal development while championing environmental responsibility.