Signs You May Be Having A Girl!

For many expectant Moms, gender reveal can be one of the most exciting parts of the entire pregnancy. Unfortunately, waiting for ultrasound confirmation or a DNA blood test can truly test the patience of many pregnant women. After all, ultrasound can only detect gender between 18 and 20 weeks. A DNA blood test can be administered at around 9 weeks. Don’t feel like waiting? A few key signs may be able to predict whether or not you’re having a girl today! Here are five signs you might be having a baby girl.

Carrying High

One of the most common myths regarding baby gender is that a higher bump means that you’re having a girl. A lower bump would indicate a boy. While there’s not much research in regards to carrying and gender, most experts suggest that bump size has more to do with your physical condition and your total weight gain during pregnancy. Of course, it’s fun to fantasize. After all, this myth exists for a reason, right?

Feeling Stressed Before Conception

Were you feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed prior to conception? One popular belief holds that your stress levels before you get pregnant can play a role in determining your baby’s gender. Believe it or not, this is one “myth” that is actually backed by science.

For many expectant Moms, gender reveal can be one of the most exciting parts of the entire pregnancy.

A study found that women with higher cortisol levels (a stress hormone), were more likely to have a girl. Those who were more relaxed or laid back were more likely to conceive a boy. While a direct correlation isn’t yet known, your stress levels before conception may just have determined the gender of your baby.

Mood Swings

Many believe that the hormone estrogen, often produced in higher levels with baby girls, can actually cause profound mood swings in expectant Moms. While the jury is out on this one, there is no doubt that in pregnancy, mood can easily shift from one moment to the next. Can these mood changes accurately predict gender? Maybe, but there’s no solid evidence yet.

Blemishes and Bad Skin

Did your skin suddenly take a turn for the worse? Are you experiencing breakouts like never before? According to an age old myth, that might just mean you’re having a baby girl. Thanks to an increase in the hormone estrogen, carrying a girl will dull the skin, create more oil, and lead to an increase in breakouts. Those having boys tend to enjoy that pregnancy glow most mothers seek. While research doesn’t exactly back up this myth, many Moms might just tell you it’s all true.

Having More Morning Sickness

Feeling sick as a dog? One popular belief states that since girls produce more hormones, their mothers will experience more severe bouts of morning sickness. However, research suggests that morning sickness has little to do with gender, and more to do with pregnancy hormones overall. Yet, one study published by The Lancet did find that there is a small correlation between morning sickness and the probability of having a girl.
Whether you’re experiencing all of these signs or none, predicting gender isn’t easy without the help of medical technology! If you want to know for sure what gender you’ll be having, wait for the ultrasound or ask for a DNA blood test. Both will help you to discover the gender of your baby soon enough!

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